Our Mission

To promote literacy and provide educational opportunities for children and their families in rural Tanzania.  By providing free access to books, learning opportunities, and the Internet, the Maktaba Project (“library”in Kiswahili) will empower people in rural Tanzanian communities with the information and skills necessary to foster individual achievement, self-esteem and community development.

To achieve its mission, the Maktaba Project, working in cooperation with local community leaders and volunteers from around the world, will build six libraries in rural villages throughout Tanzania.

School Children in class.jpg

“One of the most precious gifts to a community is a library that offers free access to the treasure of knowledge.”

Augustine P. Mahiga, Tanzanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation. Co-Founder and former CEO of The Maktaba Project.


Our Vision

The successful model of the Jifundishe Free Library in Ngongongare Village, near Arusha, the gold standard for libraries in Tanzania, will be used by the Maktaba Project as a template to realize the Project’s vision of each library  as a true centerpiece of the community functioning both as an education center and a community meeting place. Toward that end, each library will have a board composed of a diverse group of leaders from each community